Bob Fordham is part of a network of leading specialists in the field of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Bob has worked at the “School of Life” for over 50+ years with family, growing up, fathering and wonderful Son, travel and in many varied businesses & vocations gathering 35+ years of valuable knowledge in the Natural Health field.

Developing the journey of well-being discovery as “prevention really is the best cure” with the right balance of nutrition, fitness, supplementation, mindset, relationships & choices.

Working on these key areas of Life & Environments, striving for daily optimal health, Bob has helped many gain insights & choices to better health in all areas. It’s a tuff gig! So where there’s support, there’s always challenge.

Bob readily shares his insights & knowledge with his personal benevolent style to walk side by side with those like-minded and who strive for a healthier, for a more rewarding and abundant life.

E: info@naturallyhealthywellness.com.au

Ph: 1300 811 309




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