Investment - Quit Cigarettes

Investment - Quit CigarettesHow much is the investment in yourself to quit cigarettes for good with a lifetime Guarantee?

First, how much do you smoke?

 Find Out Here – Cost calculator

For Example: The average smoker smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day.
At an average cost of $20 per pack, that is $610 a month.
Or $7300 a year you are spending on cigarettes.

So if You quit cigarettes in 60 minutes, you would save $7300 in the first year alone.


Related Article: Smokers in Australia cost 31.5 billion dollars per year in medical costs.

That is health insurance, medications, hospital stays, cancer treatment, heart treatment, etc.

Divide that by 3.3 million smokers in the Australia, and it amounts to $9545 a year per smoker. Which means you are adding an additional $9545 per year in medical costs.

So if you add all of those up:

$7300 a year on cigarettes
$9545 per year in medical costs
= $16,865+ a year to smoke (BEFORE TAX!!!) = $22,000+

The session is only $495 – and it is guaranteed to work for life, or as many sessions as needed at no charge. This is even better than a money back guarantee, because you want to quit cigarettes, not get your money back.

Now, how much is a year of your life worth?

The average smokers life is 14 years shorter than a non smoker.
So by quitting you are literally adding 14 years onto your life.
So if you make $40,000 a year, then certainly a year must be worth at least $40,000 – but we all know, you cannot even really put a price on a year of life. So that is an additional $560 000 you are earning.

So why don’t you would have taken the money burned up in smoke on cigarettes and invest it in becoming a non-smoker for life?

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Call Please call Bob on 1300 811 309 or Contact Us.
Make your reservation to become a non-smoker for life.

quit ad - Investment - Quit Cigarettes


Investment - Quit Cigarettes
Investment - Quit Cigarettes
Investment - Quit Cigarettes
Investment - Quit Cigarettes
Investment - Quit Cigarettes

Investment - Quit Cigarettes

Investment - Quit Cigarettes

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