Cigarette Butts and Our Environment

Cigarettes butts Did you know that there are approximate 7 billion of cigarette butts are discarded each year? The following case study will discuss about the issue of discarding cigarette butts and how have the problem been resolved. What are cigarette butts made of ? Majority of cigarette butts or filters are made from fibrous material … Read moreCigarette Butts and Our Environment

The impact of cigarette butts on marine life

December 6, 2014 When it rains, cigarette butts lying in our streets and gutters are carried via stormwater directly into our harbours, beaches and rivers. The chemicals contained in these butts and the butts themselves impact on our water quality and can be deadly to marine life. Many people don’t realise that when it rains, … Read moreThe impact of cigarette butts on marine life

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