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A Room With A View You Don’t Want! QUIT Excuses Now

A Room With A View You Don’t Want! QUIT Excuses Now – Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes For Life – Guaranteed! Breathe Fresh Sunshine Coast Air Love To Do What You Love To Do More Of… Discount Code: Quote “Quit$50Off”

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Petition: Pfizer: Stop Ignoring Our Loved Ones’

Deaths – Urgently Put On-the-box Warning Labels On Anti-smoking Drug Champix His death still hurts so deep. After taking the anti-smoking drug marketed as “Champix” for just 8 days, my beautiful boy hung himself. But despite reports of 25 suicides linked … Continue reading

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Advantages of Quitting Smoking and Disadvantages of Smoking

December 4, 2014 Do you know that around 50 Australians are dying everyday because of smoking? If that was a airplane company, The Government would shut it down. Did you know that over $30 Billion is spent (rather generated) annually … Continue reading

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Why many other stop smoking programs just don’t work

December 5, 2014q Current programs designed to help people stop smoking consist of Nicotine Gums, Patches, Pills, Lozenges, and Inhalers. They all have one thing in common; Nicotine. Even though they do not replace the Nicotine with anything else except … Continue reading

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